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What Is a "Chunky" or "Gritty" Mix?

root rot

Root Rot; the #1 Killer of Potted Plants

Any potted plant with poor drainage can succumb to root rot, especially if potted in dense, heavy soil. Container plants are particularly at risk as they must have all their needs met in a small, controlled area.

The most common signs of root rot include the wilting and yellowing of leaves, soft mushy stems, and slow growth. Roots turn from a healthy white to black, brown, or red, and soil may smell rotten.

How To Avoid Root Rot

100% Peat Moss Free Product Portfolio

Because of its moisture retaining abilities and rather sterile, acidic nature, peat moss is heavily mined for the horticultural trade. Any standard bag of soil on the market contains peat, and the majority use peat as their primary ingredient.

Unfortunately, commercially harvested peat bogs worldwide emit over 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually — ~5% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and are expected to rise sharply.

The Truth About Peat Moss

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