It all started with... – Sol Soils

It all started with...

...the world on lockdown, one plant obsessed hobbyist answered the call to make a better soil option for plant parents of all skill levels, and he would call it Sol Soils. Travis learned his craft with his own plant collection when he realized the soil that he and every other plant lover was buying retained too much water for indoor plants (*ahem* root rot), and led to a host of other issues like fungus gnats and soil borne diseases. Yuck! A man of action, schooled in sustainability and an entrepreneurial spirit, he got down and dirty with dirt. Over a thousand hours of personal research later, and new friends in the soil science and botany communities, he was ready to share his soil with the world. With buckets of organic, gritty mixes and a whole lotta heart, Travis set off to change the houseplant experience one pot and one plant at a time.

Sol Soils proprietary chunky mixes are more forgiving, letting you grow your plant family with ease and comfort, knowing you have the best soil for your babies. Whether you are starting with your first succulent or adding your 200th Orchid to the horde, we invite you to be part of the Sol Soils community. Let us be your trusted friend in this crazy plant world, because no one knows (and cares about) plants like other plant people.