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Succulent Gritty Mix

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Succulent Gritty Mix is ideal for a wide variety of succulents and other dry-weather plants. It contains more organic matter and retains more moisture/nutrients than our cactus soil. This mix utilizes recycled coconut chips and coir, an otherwise wasted byproduct of the coconut industry. Of the 50 million coconuts produced around the world each year, about 85% of the husks are discarded as trash. As a soil component, the ground husks offer excellent aeration and moisture retention properties while still providing a fast-draining medium to reduce the risk of soggy soil and root-rot for indoor potted plants.

*Well-suited for plants like Aeonium, Aloe, Cotyledon, Crassula Jade, Echeveria, Portulacaria Afra Elephant Bush, Graptopetalum, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Sansevieria Snake Plants, Sedum, Sempervivum Hens & Chicks, Senecio String of Bananas Dolphins or Pearls, etc.

Soil Composition

Organic: coconut coir, coconut husk chips, recycled forest products

Inorganic: pumice, grey granite, calcined clay, expanded clay, perlite

At Sol Soils, we are passionate about the beauty of plants and the natural world. But passion doesn't change the world without action. Through our partnership with Switch2Zero, we plant a tree for every bag sold to support Eden Reforestation projects across the globe. With each purchase of a Sol Soils product, you are directly contributing to the restoration of our planet's most beautiful and important ecosystems.

To learn more about us and our products, follow us on Instagram @solsoils

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Nicci Barilla
The only soil I will ever buy now!

The company, the soil, the people behind it... top notch! The packaging is stunning the a soil is even better! My plants are happy and healthy! I absolutely recommend! Check it out at @NicciBarilla on the gram to see how I use it with all my plants!

Happy Succulents!

Before this, my succulents were in succulent potting soil and were very unhappy. They get enough light, water, air circulation, everything, but were still wilting. Repotted them all with this soil, game them a good water a day later, and there was noticeable difference! They’re so much happier now, and the soil is really pretty! It is a little pricey, but I 100% recommend, only soil I will buy from now on!

great product!

MN gal happy to support an MN company! I am an over-attentive plant mom and the gritty succulent mix has helped me not to kill them and they are thriving!

Michaela Shemberger

Succulent Gritty Mix

Lucy Anderson

Just started using it and hoping for better results soon. I understand the science behind it and agree with the idea.