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2 quarts of leca
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LECA Balls

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LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) is becoming one of the most popular and versatile substances in horticulture. As a soil component or medium, it retains moisture while providing excellent drainage for excess water. Use as a soil topper for a unique desert or Martian theme!

At Sol Soils, we are passionate about the beauty of plants and the natural world. But passion doesn't change the world without action. Through our partnership with Switch2Zero, we plant a tree for every bag sold to support Eden Reforestation projects across the globe. With each purchase of a Sol Soils product, you are directly contributing to the restoration of our planet's most beautiful and important ecosystems.

To learn more about us and our products, follow us on Instagram @solsoils

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Katie Perkins
First time Leca user here!

I got this to experiment with leca and I haven’t to say that I am impressed. I will definitely be getting a larger bag next time!!

Michelle Wilson
New to LECA

A few “planttubers” I follow made using LECA look so easy but very effective that I wanted to give them a try. So far I’ve been using them to line the bottom of my pots then topping them up with the chunky houseplant mix and my props and starter plants (I’m trying to grow hot pepper plants) seem to be thriving. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Nino Ceballos
1st time leca user

This is my 1st time trying leca! So far I love it. I mixed it into my chunky mix and im experimenting propagating in it.

Love love

Thank you

I Leca Them A Lot

I am obsessed with this product. I want to but tons more bags and create different soil mixes…but the way my apartment is set up…I already have a small urban jungle. Customer 4 life!