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Houseplant Chunky Mix

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Houseplant Chunky Mix is our all-purpose, aroid, or tropical potting mix. It contains the most organic matter of all our products to ensure that your houseplants get all the moisture and drainage they need to thrive.


This mix utilizes recycled coconut chips and coir, an otherwise wasted byproduct of the coconut industry. Of the 50 million coconuts produced around the world each year, about 85% of the husks are discarded as trash. As a soil component, the ground husks offer excellent aeration and moisture retention properties while still providing a fast-draining medium to reduce the risk of soggy soil and root-rot for indoor potted plants.


Perfect for Jungle Plants or Aroids like Anthurium, Alocasia, Dieffenbachia, Monstera, Philodendron, ZZ plants, as well as Calatheas, String of Hearts or Turtles, Dracaena Dragon Trees, Hoyas, Palms, Pothos, etc.

Also recommended for the ever-popular winter indoor plant, the Christmas Cactus -i.e. Schlumbergera species. This cactus and many Aroids listed above are epiphytic, which means they can be found growing up the side or in the branches and crevices of trees in rainforests as opposed to in the ground.


  • Despite these specialized mixes containing more chunky/gritty components compared to other soil mixes, they hang onto moisture for the root ball effectively. No need to water more frequently! 
  • Generally for indoor settings with established plants, one deep watering every 10-14 days is usually plenty.
  • Watering weekly will likely still lead to root rot if the root system doesn't get a chance to fully breathe between watering sessions.

WHAT'S IN IT?  (Soil Composition)

  • Organic: coconut coir, coconut husk chips, recycled forest products
  • Inorganic: pumice, calcined clay, perlite, expanded clay

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Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Soil works

Loving this chunky mix,I had a gnats infestation this summer and this chunky soil help me get rid of them, I’m loving that I could use my ceramic pots and they don’t hold to much moisture. My plants are happy and thriving. Thank you so much who ever created this sol soil chunky mix ❤️

New Fav!

Bought this mix out of a recommendation, and it’s now my new favorite soil to use! My plants have loved it, and Sol Soils is a very sweet company.

Alyson Kalousek
Never going back

Sad I didn't try this sooner! I recently started switching my plants over to this and they're loving it - especially my pothos and monstera varieties which are rewarding me with so much new growth. Before making the switch I was struggling with soil staying moist for too long, unintentionally overwatering, and white mold - even with other so called "quick draining soils". With Sol my plants and I are SO much happier. Never going back!

Monique Sipes
Best Tropical Houseplant mix for your Jungle!

I love this soil so much. My plants are all so happy and thriving. Almost impossible to overwater with how airy and chunky this mix is. The drainage is fantastic while still retaining moisture. The roots are so healthy and growing great! I am always eager to switch my plants over when it’s time for a repot.

Ali Anderson
Deserves more than 5 stars!

I can’t stop buying this stuff!! The large amendments make the aeration top notch. At first I was concerned it was TOO chunky but I haven’t had to change my watering schedule at all. I have a large variety of plants in my collection and I use it on virtually all of them. I recommend it to everyone!!