Neem-Based Plant Wellness Spray – Sol Soils
Neem-Based Plant Wellness Spray

Neem-Based Plant Wellness Spray

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Big Leaf Energy® | Organic Plant Wellness + Shine Spray — by our friends at Bless Your Soil

Never use plain neem oil again! This multi-purpose, organic liquid will revive, beautify, and empower all your garden and house plants from soil to stem to leaf!

Ingredients: Distilled water (not present in concentrated refill), Organic cold-pressed neem oil, organic vegan soap, Super Blessed™ essential oil blend.


Big Leaf Energy® is a targeted, non-toxic, organic plant wellness spray for leaves and soils of houseplants and organic gardens. It's consciously crafted with a variety of specialty oils and soaps to treat and beautify a variety of plants.


Big Leaf Energy® is a brilliant leaf cleaning and natural shine liquid as well as soil treatment. Further, it's especially helpful for strengthening large leaf plants susceptible to mites, aphids, fungus or mildew. Use effectively to combat root problems and other common plant ailments. 

Big Leaf Energy® will reveal a natural leaf shine without clogging leaf pores like chemical shine sprays.

Strong enough to use outdoors and pleasant enough to use indoors.


Encourages resilience and stronger leaves. Protects from damage and harm from external elements. Perfect for removing hard water spots from leaves while leaving behind a wonderful aroma of spice and citrus.

Enhanced with organic essential oils to increase effectiveness, plus deliver a wonderful aroma that you and your plants love, but pesky invaders avoid. 


Use indoors or outdoors on leaves and soils. Especially recommended for Ficus plants (fiddle-leaf fig tree, rubber plant), Pothos, Pilea, Philodendron, and Monstera. For organic gardening, Big Leaf Energy® adds resilience to eggplants, tomato plants, squashes, nightshades, and many more.


Shake VIGOROUSLY before use. Spray on leaves, stems, and soil as regular maintenance. Wiping off is not necessary. If using for leaf cleaning, allow liquid to sit on leaves for 3-5 minutes before wiping off. Always be kind and gentle. May be further diluted at a 2:1 ratio if desired.

Ideal for regular use. Use on a weekly or monthly basis as needed. Use only as directed - read important notes. 


The organic oils in this product may become solid in cold temperatures. In this case, place the bottle in a warm spot to re-combine the ingredients before use.

For indoor houseplants, remove debris and loose dust with a feather duster prior to use for best results. Always test on a small area prior to spraying entire plant in case of unexpected adverse reaction.

Warnings: Avoid spraying in direct sunlight or extreme heat to avoid leaf burn. Avoid spraying on blooms and delicate herbs (when in doubt, test first). Big Leaf Energy® is pollinator safe, however, it is recommend to avoid spraying when active honey bees or butterflies are present.

Avoid eye contact. 

Keep out of reach of children.

Pets : Your fur babies are our top priority! This product contains essential oils. While these oils are diluted and unlikely to harm your pet, it is recommended to exercise caution. Refrain from spraying this product on your pets or in close proximity to their food or water bowls. Additionally, in the event of any accidental spills on the floor, it is advisable to promptly clean them up to prevent your pets from tracking it with their paws. 

Do not drink.

Made in the USA by loving hands.

Spray nozzle included.

Store in a cool place.